New Cashback School of Basketball

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“CashBack for Communities is a unique Scottish Government programme which takes money seized from criminals under the proceeds of crime legislation and invests them in our future – our young people. The CashBack for Communities programme funds partner organisations to deliver activities and opportunities for young people across all 32 local authority areas in Scotland. Basketball in Scotland has netted continued investment from CashBack for Communities, CashBack funding enables basketballscotland to deliver ‘Schools of Basketball’ across Scotland.”

On Friday 28th September a new CashBack School of Basketball was launched at Lochend Community High School, Easterhouse. This new initiative will see Glasgow City Coach Toni Carvill take the lead in delivering curriculum basketball sessions for pupils who have been highlighted as youngsters with the potential to benefit from such participation. The programme will have basketball at its centre and with the Club taking the lead there will be a demonstrable pathway for those youngsters who may wish to continue on into competition basketball. Equally basketball will be used as the vehicle to help develop young people by working on teamwork, discipline, time organisation, life skills that they can transfer to all other areas of their life