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Club President

Alister Geddes

Willie Cameron

General Manager

Kenny Watson

Treasurer Collette Anne Geddes

Fundraising Secretary

Jacqueline Watson

Child Protection Officers

Officials Coordinator

Jim Sinclair

Dianne Doherty

Louise-Anne Geddes

Coaching Staff

Senior Men Ronnie Foster/Jim Sinclair
U18 Men Alister Geddes/Alexander Geddes
U16 Men Toni Carvill
U16 Women Alister Geddes/Toni Carvill
U14 Boys Toni Carvill
U14 Girls  Alister Geddes
U12 Boys Alister Geddes
U12 Girls   Alister Geddes
U10 Boys/Girls Alister Geddes
Additional Support Needs (ASN) Willie Cameron, Alister Cameron and Alexander Geddes
Development Session Coaches Alexander Geddes, Aidan Rafferty and Kenny Watson