Development Session Guidelines

The Clubs Development Sessions for boys and girls (Under 16s) should be fun.

The four fundamentals of the game will be taught by the clubs UKCC accredited coaches;

- ball-handling and dribbling 

- Passing

- proper footwork

- shooting 

To emphasise the fun environment good sportsmanship will always be to the fore for both coaches and players. Also coaches will encourage the players to step out their comfort zone by letting them know that they expect them to make mistakes and that it is acceptable to do so –as this is how you learn to play the game.

For as long as you are open to learning you will always make mistakes, players and coaches alike (we all know referees make mistakes).

When you attend a development session bring along a good attitude, respect others in attendance, listen, learn and most of all . . . have fun.


Development Session Guidance for Parents/Guardians:

  • Please ensure that a member of the coaching staff is in attendance before leaving your child at the venue.
  • Development Sessions run from 5pm till 7pm on a Tuesday and Friday night unless otherwise notified by the club.
  • NO football colours/strips to be worn.
  • Basketball is an active sport involving multi-directional movements and the player requires good supportive footwear e.g. trainers
  • We do not recommend fizzy drinks or energy drinks but advise water or diluting juice. Pack a refillable water bottle that can be easily reused as this can be refilled in the school foyer.
  • Please ensure that your child has at least a small snack before coming to training as this helps to maintain their energy levels.
  • All equipment is provided but if your child does decide to bring their own ball for example then please ensure it is clearly marked.
  • Please inform the Coach in attendance on the day if your child:
    • Has to leave training early.
    • Is being picked up by a different adult.
    • Is allowed to walk home on their own.
    • Has been unwell or is suffering from an injury.
  • Please collect your child from the school hall unless you have previously informed the Coach.
  • Please understand that whilst we will remind your child to be aware of their personal belongings we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during the sessions.
  • Communication is vital in all areas and we ask that if there are any issues, no matter how small, that you speak to a member of the coaching staff as soon as you can.


Head Coach Alister Geddes

MOBILE: 07702 582 996

Assistant Coach Alexander Geddes

MOBILE: 07902 599 567

Assistant Coach Toni Carvil

MOBILE: 07539 771 316